Monday, January 21, 2013

Peyton's Room

Since we live in military housing we aren't allowed to paint the walls so we had to used brighter colors and lots of fabrics to make the room feel brighter. At this point I really wish we owned our own home so I could have done whatever the heck I wanted! 
I wanted to make a lot of the things in her room to save money since I no longer work and we are down  to one income. Not that we are struggling by any means but I had the time to make things myself so I wanted to save the money where I could!
I found the tree decal online at but I later found it at Target. It was cheaper where I bought it online!

 This teddy bear was made at Build-a-Bear by Peyton's poppy(Brad's dad). It is special and it has her heartbeat in the paw. I've listened to it about a thousand times!
I wish I was this talented to make this quilt. I found it on Etsy. A company out of Little Rock Arkansas made it. It's called Cotton and Clover. They do amazing quilts among other adorable little outfits and creations for kids. 

I also found this mobile on Etsy but thought, hey that looks pretty easy! All it took was some ribbon, a stitching hoop, some clear fishing line and scrapbook paper! I cut out the birds and hot glued them to the fishing line. Then tied the line to the hoop and covered the hoop with ribbons! Look pretty much just like the ones on Etsy for 70 dollars! And I only spent maybe 15 dollars! 

 I saw a lamp similar to this one at Target for 40 dollars. I simply hot glued ribbon around the shade I found at Walmart and painted the stand I got from a thrift store! Turned out so cute! Ended up spending only 10 dollars on this lamp!
 I found these beautiful frames at Ross and I knew I had to put two very special pictures of Peyton's guardian angels in them. On left is Brad and his Grandpa and on the right is my Daddy and I. Peyton is a lucky girl to have such special angels watching over her!
 I found these birds at Ross as well for only $1 a piece! I painted the inside of the vase blue and it turned out great!

 I really want to get a sewing machine so I can make adorable things like this! I found this pillow on Etsy.
 I painted these cheap frames for a pop of color on the wall. These are Peyton's big bro and big sis. ;-)
 Again I painted the frame. Pictures of mommy and daddy when we were babies.
I've always loved this quote. I prayed my entire life for a baby girl.  All of these pictures are canvas that I painted and used scrapbook paper to make designs. Modge Podge is my new best friend!!!

 Changing Table
 Over the closet needed something so I took the leftover scrapbook paper and ribbon I had and glued it to clear fishing line then hung it above the closet. I think it turned out great!

 Closet. This girl has got a ton of clothes!
Dresser and changing pad

Her brother and sister are patiently waiting for her to get here! I on the other hand am getting impatient! only 3 weeks left to go!!! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Whirlwind Pregnancy

My sweet sweet husband and I decided together last April on our 3 year anniversary that we wanted to start trying to have a baby. I honestly had my doubts that we would even get pregnant on our own because I had been taking birth control consistently since I was 15 years old which was 9 years ago! I thought for sure the hormones had screwed up my body and the ability to get pregnant. But boy was I wrong! 

We spent the month of May at home in North Carolina before we set on our road trip cross country to Hawaii. During the month of May I was very relaxed as I had just quit my job; my husband wasn't working either since we were transferring Airstations. It was so amazing to have that time to focus on each other without the stress and distraction of work. Since we were at home we had a lot of time to ourselves as our family and friends were still working. Needless to say we spent a lot of time in bed! ;-). 

The whole month I was keeping track of my ovulation cycle and my upcoming period. Towards the end of our stay in NC I was also counting down the days til I started my period. The day came and no period. I have never been late before due to birth control so I assumed my body was just confused. We had just 4 days left at home and were having a going away party with our friends and family the day before we got on the road. The next 3 days went by and still no period. I didn't want to get too excited so I decided to wait to take a pregnancy test. The day of the party I told Brad(my hubby) that I was 3 days late. He didn't think anything of it and honestly I didn't either. The day of the party we had decided I wouldn't drink any alcohol just to be safe. (I had actually cut back the enitre month of May since we were trying. But I still had a few). We debated on taking a pregnancy test that day but we just wanted it to be us when we got the results. 

The party was so much fun but also so sad! I was extremely emotional saying goodbyes to everyone as they left because I wasn't sure of the next time I would see them. Hawaii was so far away and I was scared! As the last of our friends left for night, Jeremy then came up to me and hugged my quietly and whispered in my ear; "make me an uncle". I smiled awkwardly as I could have possibly already made him an uncle! It was a very surreal moment as if somehow I knew I was really pregnant and haven't even taken a pregnancy test yet! 

The next day our road trip began! I had all of our stops planned out and hotels booked! We were so excited to get to have an experience like this together! Once we made it to Arkansas it was test time. Brad drove to a nearby Target and I ran inside. It was an overwhelming feeling buying a pregnancy test at the store because I had never done it before. Here I was 23 years old and almost embarrassed to buy it! We drove straight to the hotel and Brad rushed me to take it right away. I still don't know why I was so nervous to take it. I guess I was nervous to find out either way! I opened the box, read the directions and did my business. The directions said to wait 2 minutes before looking, but as soon as I put the lid back on both of them I could already see those 2 + signs! It hadn't even been 30 seconds yet! I had a feeling of fear come over me! Even though we had decided to start trying to have a baby I never in a million years thought I would be pregnant 1 month later! I was excited and scared all at the same time!  I sat in the bathroom for a few minutes before I came out so I could comprehend what I just saw. I walked out of the bathroom and Brad is laying on the bed with the dogs. I couldn't keep a straight face walking over the bed and handing him the tests. He looked down at the 2 positive signs and looks back up at me with the biggest grin I have ever seen on his face. At that moment, all the fear I felt in the bathroom completely went away. He was so excited and had a permanent smile for the rest of the night.  

We went to Hooters to celebrate. Before you say anything, it was right beside our hotel and we didn't really know of anywhere else nearby to go to. The whole time we were both on our phones looking up things that I couldn't eat or do while pregnant. Once that was done we just sat at the table and talked about our little baby bean in my belly. We wondered if it was a boy or a girl, talked about possible names, wondered what our baby would look like and grow up to be. Once we were finished with dinner we came back to our hotel and went to bed as we had another long day of driving the next day!

After we found out the wonderful news he didn't let me do much driving. Which was fine with me ;-)

We made it California over the course of the next 10 days. We went to San Francisco on my 24th birthday! I woke up that morning with a terrible headache and nausea but I didn't want to ruin our only day in San Fran. I hadn't had any problems before then. We both were so excited to go! We went and saw the Red Woods first. They were so stunning! I have never seen a more beautiful tree! Well, besides the tree of life in The Lion King ;-). It was cold and rainy so we didn't stay there long. We made our way across the Golden Gate Bridge and parked the car and walked the streets of San Fran. It was so amazing! Even though I felt terrible I was making the best of it. We had a scheduled tour of Alcatraz that afternoon so we made our way to the pier to get on the boat. Once I was on the boat my nausea got a lot worse! The boat was rocking really bad because of the wind. I almost had to get off the boat and cancel the tour, but luckily I didn't get sick! On our way back to our hotel my headhache had gotten so  much worse and my nausea too. Brad insisted I take a Tums for nausea even though it doesn't do anything for that. So I humored him and took it. Before I could even swallow it I could feel my mouth filling with water. I yelled for him to pull over NOW! I barely got the door open before I threw up! That was the first and only time I actually got sick from my nausea my whole pregnancy. I still blame it on the Tums!

Fast Forward to landing in Hawaii on June 24th just 2 days after my birthday and our San Fran trip; I was still have nausea pretty much all day but not getting sick. We got to our hotel that we would be living in for 3 months. I was not happy about that at all as I was worried about eating healthy and eating out everyday. Not being able to cook was NOT fun! I did get fruit to eat throughout the days and we got continental breakfast through the hotel but it was really hard! I hated waiting for housing but they didn't have any available so there wasn't much else for us to do! 

We finally moved in to our house on August 24th. It was just in time for our appt to find out the sex of our little babe! The hospital here in Hawaii waits til 20 weeks but I just couldn't wait that long so we went to First Look Ultrasound at 17 weeks! Everyone asked me if I could tell what I was having. I looked up all the wives tails and such and all was pointing to a girl. On both sides of our family we have the majority being boys. I am the only girl on my side and Brad's side is all boys. I didn't want to jinx anything by saying I thought it was girl. Brad and I both have always talked about wanting a baby girl. I always prayed for a baby girl my entire life.  From our wedding day to the moment we found out we were pregnant we always dreamed of a girl. I wanted Brad have a daughter and I wanted my daughter to experience the sweet love of a father. I was such a daddy's girl and I think of my dad every single day. 

The BIG day came and we had 12 people back home we were group video chatting with so they could "be there" when we found out! Technology has come along way and it is amazing! Our skype was ready to go and so were we! We walked in the room and I laid on the bed. The nurse came in and immediately got to work. She warned me that it might take awhile to find out since I was only 17 weeks. It felt like as soon as she put the ultrasound to my belly she yelled out "IT"S A GIRL!"

 A rush of tears came over me. It was one of the happiest moments in my life! To see my baby girl on that screen was the most amazing feeling. She was so tiny and so beautiful! I had not had an ultrasound before now as the military hospital doesn't do them before 20 weeks unless something is wrong. It was so great having our friends and family finding out with us even though we all were thousands of miles apart! Brad and I left the office and went straight to Babies-r-us to celebrate! 

Our sweet baby girl's name is Peyton Campbell Hudson and she is due to enter the world in just 4 shorts weeks! We couldn't be more excited to be starting a family together. It has been hard being away from home but I just keep thinking of holding my baby in my arms and she makes everything better. 

8 Weeks!

33 Weeks!

35 weeks!

I have been extremely lucky this entire pregnancy. I haven't been sick. I was tired alot in the beginning. I have had tons of energy from 28 weeks to 35 weeks. We have been on 2 hikes on the island and it's funny how many people give me dirty looks. But it's walking! They say walking is the BEST thing you can do for pregnancy! I don't know what the big deal was. The hikes were both paved and had rails for me to hold on to. I drank plenty of water and took a lot of breaks! 

My pregnancy cravings haven't been crazy like pickles and ice cream. I am always in the mood for Spicy food and then lots of candy! Mostly new york peppermint patties and sweet tarts ! I can't get enough!!! I am 35 weeks and 4 days today and I am now getting to the point of being uncomfortable ALL the time! I'm not getting enough sleep at night and I feel terrible for my hubby cause I wake him up probably 10 times a night to go pee. I am so ready for Peyton to be here! 

We are so blessed and we thank God every single day for giving us the ability to create a life from the love we have for one another. 
I cannot wait to post pictures of Peyton!!!  Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Losing my blog V-card

I wanted a way to put my thoughts on life down on paper to one day look back on where I've been so I decided to start a blog! I am always better at expressing my emotions on paper then saying them out load. 

So here is a little background information about me! 

My name is Robyn, I am 24 years young. I married my best friend, Brad in April of 2009.  We have two amazing fur babies, Maverick and Miley. We both are from Greensboro, North Carolina. My husband is in the Coast Guard and for the past 4 years we lived in Florida and this past summer we were transferred to Hawaii. We found out we were expecting our first baby on the way to Hawaii! I have 4 weeks left in my pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited to meet our baby girl!

Here is our first look at Hawaii from the plane! We had no clue what to expect!!! 

Well, my first blog was short and sweet! Next time I will discuss my adventures through my pregnancy!